Funny fact: I wasn’t planning this outfit post at all. This photo is from Friday, when I was out and about with my cousin (and my model) for a myLifebox Jewelry photoshoot. When we found that spot, where the sun was so beautifully creating that geometric background of shadows, I couldn’t resist but ask her to take a picture of me…is that totally weird? 

I also took a million pictures of her with my designs and they are amazing I have to admit. So excited! It was the spot I suppose… Anyway, more on that in a few days! 

As you see, once more (see my previous outfit post here), I wear pretty simple clothes. Partly because I wasn’t planning on being photographed, but also because I kind of wear basic, staple pieces all the time. I’ve found that even when I buy the extraordinary -most probably way too pricey- pair of pants I wear them only once in a while. And I think I know why. When a piece is really “wowzers” I always feel that if I wear it to often I’ll look like I wear the same clothes everyday. But when you mix up minimal pieces, that don’t pop out a lot, you always look neat and casual. 

What do you think? 



Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog’s identity and focus. For more than two years I’ve blogged about DIY projects and recipes (and a bunch of other random stuff) things I really enjoyed back at the time. For some reason though, I’ve grown out of them and different things have triggered my attention. Nevertheless, I really like blogging. In fact I would love to develop this space into something more mature and professional. Having in mind the blogging journey I’ve made the last two years, the launch of my Jewelry Shop on Etsy and the lessons I’ve learned from both these ventures, I’ve come to realize the things I enjoy and excite me the most. And one of them is fashion – clearly. 

If you’ve been reading my blog you’d have noticed that I’ve already introduced you to two new post series, the “Wear Me” -where I share ways to style my jewelry- and the “Friday Bits” -where I share interesting links I’ve stumbled upon the past week, along with anything else that caught my eye. Today is the day that I’ll introduce you to a another new category of my blog *boom*. So, like maaaaany other bloggers out there, I apparently enjoy sharing my outfits too (spoiler alert: you’ll see a lot of stripes and black & whites!). 

For my first outfit post I deemed appropriate to wear my everyday “uniform”. Meaning, these are the pieces I wear the most – excl. the shoes which are new but I totally aim to incorporate them in my every day outfits. Basically since I was a little girl I had a thing for stripes. I think it comes from my mother who always said that the “navy look” will always be “in” and that we all need to invest in several good striped tees. Over the years I’ve realized that I couldn’t agree more with that statement. 

Same goes with the coats. I really believe that having a couple of good quality coats that will last for years, is one of the first investments one has to do when it comes to building a consistent and ever-green wardrobe. But I’ll elaborate on that “how to build an ever-green wardrobe” subject in another post. One of my staple pieces is this coat, which although a bit pricey, was totally worth it. 

Lastly.. don’t get me started on the importance of a good black pair of jeans. Just one guys, buy it and keep it for ever. You only need one – or two 😉 

top: Zara (similar here)
jeans: Diesel (here)
coat: Loft 
shoes: Forever 21 (here