Today is a very special day for me and myLifebox. And not only for the obvious reasons 🙂 Firstly, i’m really excited because two years ago I officially launched my jewelry collection, aka. opened my Etsy shop. I cannot believe that two years already passed by. My two year younger self wouldn’t even dare to imagine that myLifebox would  turn into something professional, and yet here I am; with more than 400 lovely customers and numerous wholesale collaborations in my “resume”. 

However, today is a special day for one more reason. I found the courage and strength, after two weeks of drafting, to send an email to my people (friends, fellow bloggers and family) informing them in extend about myLifebox’s progress over the past months, the new direction of the blog and my general intentions as a designer and blogger. 

That might not ring a bell to you, but for me it is a huge milestone. Stepping out of my comfort zone, reaching out to all the amazing people I know, risking that many of them might have forgotten me, opening my cards, letting them know about my professional plans etc. are only few of the things that this email exposed me to, but also some of the really important factors that will -hopefully- lead to fruitful collaborations and strong followers.

I often think that it might be easier to start a blog from scratch. For some reason I have to fight with the demons of my past. I’ve long shown interest in DIYs and recipes, posts of which categories drive most of the traffic in this blog. But now I feel the need to start over, share more consistent content, more related to my profession, share things I know more about and so forth. But here is the question? What do I do with my old posts? Do I keep them just as traffic magnets, hoping that some of the visitors will show interest in the new categories? Do I delete them? No god! I wouldn’t delete them, they are a huge part of what I am after all. 

Anyway, ALL these, and many more led to the decision to inform some of the people I know about the new, exciting things happening around here. And if you care to read in more detail what these changes are GO HERE. And of course feel free to subscribe to my newsletter as well, I’ll keep them shorter next time and I hate spams so I’ll be kind!



I seriously have no clue how this week came to its end so f***ing fast. I remember having everything planned out perfectly last Sunday. And somehow life had other plans for me. And I wish they were good plans. No no no… two days in bed with the flue guys. Monday and Tuesday. So I guess that’s what happens when you really need all 5 days of the week. You get three 😉 Anyway, flue or no flue, I don’t get to complaint because I think slowly but steadily everything falls on track lately. 

When it comes to blogging, I think this week was the first, of many to come I hope, that I actually posted as much as I plan to. If you missed my two brand new posts – one featuring my self and my “uniform” outfit, thank you thank you – and one on how to develop your own minimalist wardrobe – check them, maybe you like them. 

In other news, since this week was devoted mostly to my lovely laptop, I have many many interesting articles to share with you. 

But first, please please, let’s talk about tree houses! Because yesterday I stumbled upon this pretty cool tv show, called the Treehouse Masters and I immediately got smitten. I mean…have you seen how amazing tree houses exist? I’m definitely making one…when I grow up! And as I was searching I found this a m a z i n g hotel. I seriously want to go there! You get to have your own small tree house cabin – yes please!

Now that i said hotel… all week I’ve been following Alice from LingeredUpon on snapchat, sharing bits and pieces (and mostly meals) from her trip to London. And a couple of days ago she shared her travel guide in such a beautiful way that it made me wanna go to London even if I’ve been there so many times. 


Have a great weekend guys! 


well I cannot believe that it is Friday! No way. This week literally flew by. I had a tone of things to do (and still so much more to do) BUT it was a good one guys 🙂 On Monday and Tuesday I worked at the architectural office I’m collaborating with, on Wednesday my mom came in the Netherlands to visit me so today we went to IKEA and I bought a whole bunch of stuff for my studio! I’m so excited! I’m thinking to do a post about it…but we’ll see 😉

Meanwhile I’ve been totally smitten by:

  • the Define Magazine – I got my copy and it is lovely
  • this interior – I wish I had a house like that
  • this COS photo shoot – makes me wanna live on my couch forever 
  • these table settings – I’ll be staying in the Netherlands for the holidays and I plan on throwing dinners and gatherings so this is great inspiration
  • this GIF by Cocorrina

have a great weekend! xx


Friday Bits #1: Let’s Do This

happy friday everyone! Well this week has been super-crazy. Actually last week I stumbled upon ThriftsandThreads and all the useful tips Brittany shares on blogging and instagraming. And that was it. I got so inspired by her blog and tips that I immediately got down to business, worked hard on developing an aesthetic I want to promote through instagram along with the subjects I want to talk about here on the blog. Phewwww, a lot of work, many hours in front of my laptop and iPhone but I think it was totally worth it. I managed to write, design and schedule more than five posts for the blog, post 2-3 times per day on Instagram and create a couple of new designs for the shop as well.

In addition to that I’m working on an Architectural Competition which is due early November. Because don’t forget I’m an architect too 😉 Not bad, right?

Meanwhile I’ve been totally smitten by:

How was your week? Anything amazing to share? 

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Change: Is there a right time?

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.


There are two ways of talking about change. The bad and the good way. If you think about it, noone ever talks on change neutrally. Either people are looking forward to change their lives, either they are completely overwhelmed by the idea. Well, the past two months -maybe more- I’ve felt both things. Which is deeply exhausting, believe me.  

When I first launched my jewelry collection I had no idea where I was heading to. I didn’t even plan anything ahead, or had any specific aspirations whatsoever. I was still in Architecture School and had quite some time until graduation. I never dreamed of becoming a famous architect, but then…what did I dream of becoming anyway? Without realizing it, while working on my graduation thesis, myLifebox jewelry became something more than just a hobby. Not a full time job, but certainly something with a strong potential. People started buying…my designs. wow! 

Two months after my graduation, here I am, in Rotterdam. I left Greece in hopes of a better professional future. And, who am I kidding, in order to be with my boyfriend. For those of you not relevant with architecture, Rotterdam has like a million architecture offices and firms -some are really huge, like OMA or MVRDV, and others are smaller, but in any case they are many. So my first plan was to come here and find a decent  job, evolve as an architect and let my fate guide me, or whatever. 

However I guess I had different plans deeper in my mind and I had no idea until recently. I came here, settled, arranged my small office in my attic bedroom – in front of a lovely window, opened my laptop and instead of working on my architecture portfolio and job applications, I found my self working on my jewelry line, planning ahead, for the first time ever. 

What I ‘m trying to tell you is that I embraced change when i decided to relocate. I packed all the important stuff, I loaded my car and drove all the way up here to pursue my dream of becoming an architect. And somewhere along the way I just changed my dream. 

So, my modest advice is to embrace change because as overwhelming and scary it can be, it might lead you to fulfilling your goals, without realizing it.  


As I told you on my last post, I plan on moving to the Netherlands by the end of the summer on 1st of August. Truth to be told, I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing but I feel it is the right time to have this experience in my life.

Anyway, many times during our conversations with A. about me moving there, I can’t help but think that I’ve been living by my own for 7 years now, always in extra spacious places. And then, when I picture my life in the Netherlands I realize that we will probably live in a way smaller house than the one i have now and with way less room for working.

When I came across WeWork, a coworking company, I was inspired to post about my work space and all the little features of my studio that make the difference for me -and probably I’ll miss a tone when abroad. 

WeWork is a lovely community that helps creative people work in amazingly friendly and beautiful environments by providing lovely spaces in a handful of locations all around the world. Well, i’m checking out Amsterdam soon 😉

Well, I am lucky enough to own an apartment so I have relatively more room for myself. Therefore, where there should be a living room, I have my workplace. I chose a big, 4m long, working table, that -let’s be honest- works perfectly as a dining table as well. The best part of it is that it is so long that I can easily divide it into different working areas. As you know, my first occupation is architecture. Then I am a jewelry designer and somewhere in between -not so much lately- I am a blogger. Having a working place like that helps me keep things in order without flipping out. The left side belongs to jewelry making. The right side to architecture. And in between everything else. If I have someone over for work, this is his spot. If I’m working on a separate project for the blog, it belongs there. 

Another important feature, that’s not pictured above, is a little sofa I have. Mostly used as my dogs spot, but it gives a more “hommie” and cozy aspect to the space and many times if I need to relax i just take my laptop and move my business there for a while 😉

However, other than the left side of the table that’s full of ropes, copper pieces and materials for my jewelry, the rest of the room is rather architectural. I have four bookcases full of architecture books and four big b&w framed posters with the works of the most famous architects.

Anyway, I believe that the space people work in is really important and can have a great impact on the quality of their work as well as their psychology. So, the fact that WeWork provides spaces like that is at least reassuring and inspiring. 

Birthday Post

original photo via Avenue

Well well! I’m 25 now. yeah!! I have to admit it feels better than expected. It sure helps that yesterday I had one hell of a night with most of the people I love around me. My boyfriend as you know is in the Netherlands so he couldn’t come 😦 BUT I’m going to see him in 10 days and I couldn’t be happier!!! Also, my two best friends, Kynthia & Antigone are in Switzerland and Thessaloniki. BUT they sent me flowers. Beautiful flowers!! And they know that flowers make me smile!!

About last night: Even though I used to throw parties at my place every year, this year felt right to move the celebration to a different, more adult-ish, place. So I invited everyone to Buba, a beautiful new bar-restaurant that opened in Kifisia (the neighborhood I grew up in). Everything was lovely. The music, the wine, the finger food. I have nothing to complaint about. And all the happy faces around me were totally worth it 🙂 

Regarding this year’s resolution, I’m not sure I have anything interesting to share. I think I still stand by what I said last year. I’m sure (I hope at least) I have quite evolved since then but yet I don’t feel like pointing out something new. Truth to be told I’m experiencing a lot of changes and I’m going to experience a lot more during the summer. Planning on moving to the Netherlands by the end of summer, searching for a job, debating with myself whether I should invest more in my Jewelry Collection or find a cool Architecture firm to work in…all these and some more are making it difficult for me to act zen and sophisticated about life. So I’ll skip the resolution part for today. And let’s hope that I will have everything figured out by September.

Here’s to everything beautiful that 25 has in store for me 🙂

*don’t forget that I’ll be taking a break from jewelry making for a couple of weeks and you’ll get the chance to buy anything you want from my shop 25% less!

Stay in your “circle”

Stepping out of our comfort zones is by far one of the most important things we need to learn in our lives. Fear can play a major part in holding us from flying. However there are certain times in life where the best thing to do is take a step back to evaluate decisions or feelings. Then, when everything seems to fall apart, I find it very calming to imagine that I have a circle around me, that gives the protection and safety I need while I think clearly how I will step out of it again. 

I don’t know if any of these makes any sense to you, but somehow it works for me. What do you think?