How to Create a Stylish and Versatile Work Wardrobe


Most of us spend a third of our lives working. I have talked a lot on how important it is to save time from getting dressed in the morning. However, feeling confident in the workspace is really important. Therefore,  putting together a wardrobe that reflects our chosen career and our personality would be amazing. In my Minimalist Wardrobe series, I share all about my casual outfits, but I don’t work in an environment that requires a special dresscode from my end, therefore I thought that I could share with you who do need to follow certain guidelines, a few tips on how to develop a Stylish and Versatile Work Wardrobe.

It mind sound like a no brainer, but I’ve seen people totally forgetting where they work, when it comes to their outfit. We all have different jobs and lifestyles. Some people work in an office environment and others outdoors, for example. More and more men and women are opting to work from home. When buying work clothes, it is important to purchase garments that are suitable for your work environment. This should be your first consideration.

Personally, lately I find suits and jumpsuits very attractive and totally great for working environments that require a well-thought, neat outfit. And since I don’t need to dress like that everyday (because let’s face it, jeans rock!) whenever I need to be in a meeting I dress up like a #girlboss. 

Where do you work?

If you work for an employer (rather than for yourself) is there a dress code? If so, you will need to adhere to this. Recently a couple of my friends started working in really big corporate firms and two days before their starting date their manager briefed them thoroughly on how they should dress depending on the type of client they will meet that day.

If something like that applies to your working environment, you will need a well crafted wardrobe to choose from every morning or you will end up waking up an hour earlier only in order to find what to wear (and at the end you won’t even feel so great).

When putting outfits together, don’t forget jewelry and accessories. They play a large part in the whole ensemble. Choose your basic garments first and then pick out accessories to match. Select items that will work with several outfit choices. If you’re buying fine jewelry to last for several years, do some background research first. Read expert reviews such as the Ritani Review and always use a reputable trader.

Style and Comfort

Which is more important, style or comfort to you? You may have different views on this. I would say that both are equally important. But perhaps I would lean slightly more towards comfort 🙂 There’s no point looking the picture of elegance if you feel uncomfortable all day. Therefore, opt for well-made, well-cut items. Choose quality over quantity. And please opt for flattering cuts.


Versatility is also an important consideration. Find items that will work well within the office and also in a client meeting. Also, think about the whole day. If you regularly go out straight after work, you will need items that look great in the day and evening. Items that can be dressed up or down are useful.

Where to Start

Few of us have the luxury of creating a brand new wardrobe from scratch. We have to work with what we have and build on that. A good place to start is to have a good sort out. Go through all of your clothes and decide which items you’re going to keep and which you can discard. Don’t throw them away. Give them to friends or charity. Clothing swap parties are very popular right now.

Look at the items that are left and put together different outfit combinations. Mix and match and try unexpected pairings. Aim to create a small capsule collection each season. Add to the collection slowly and build it up over time.

Shoes and Handbag

Don’t forget shoes and handbags. Look for items that match several outfits. Again, opt for quality over quantity. When choosing shoes, think about where you will need to wear them. If you have to walk a mile to the train each day, comfort is an important factor. Believe me, I’ve been there! 

In summary, pick out clothes that are stylish as well as comfortable. Think style, rather than fashion trends. Well-made garments, with a flattering cut, are likely to last longer than their cheaper counterparts. Begin by working with what you have and find unexpected combinations. Then build up your wardrobe slowly. Find outfits that are versatile and will take you from day to evening. Use accessories to transform outfits and dress them up or down.