Today is a very special day for me and myLifebox. And not only for the obvious reasons 🙂 Firstly, i’m really excited because two years ago I officially launched my jewelry collection, aka. opened my Etsy shop. I cannot believe that two years already passed by. My two year younger self wouldn’t even dare to imagine that myLifebox would  turn into something professional, and yet here I am; with more than 400 lovely customers and numerous wholesale collaborations in my “resume”. 

However, today is a special day for one more reason. I found the courage and strength, after two weeks of drafting, to send an email to my people (friends, fellow bloggers and family) informing them in extend about myLifebox’s progress over the past months, the new direction of the blog and my general intentions as a designer and blogger. 

That might not ring a bell to you, but for me it is a huge milestone. Stepping out of my comfort zone, reaching out to all the amazing people I know, risking that many of them might have forgotten me, opening my cards, letting them know about my professional plans etc. are only few of the things that this email exposed me to, but also some of the really important factors that will -hopefully- lead to fruitful collaborations and strong followers.

I often think that it might be easier to start a blog from scratch. For some reason I have to fight with the demons of my past. I’ve long shown interest in DIYs and recipes, posts of which categories drive most of the traffic in this blog. But now I feel the need to start over, share more consistent content, more related to my profession, share things I know more about and so forth. But here is the question? What do I do with my old posts? Do I keep them just as traffic magnets, hoping that some of the visitors will show interest in the new categories? Do I delete them? No god! I wouldn’t delete them, they are a huge part of what I am after all. 

Anyway, ALL these, and many more led to the decision to inform some of the people I know about the new, exciting things happening around here. And if you care to read in more detail what these changes are GO HERE. And of course feel free to subscribe to my newsletter as well, I’ll keep them shorter next time and I hate spams so I’ll be kind!


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