well I cannot believe that it is Friday! No way. This week literally flew by. I had a tone of things to do (and still so much more to do) BUT it was a good one guys 🙂 On Monday and Tuesday I worked at the architectural office I’m collaborating with, on Wednesday my mom came in the Netherlands to visit me so today we went to IKEA and I bought a whole bunch of stuff for my studio! I’m so excited! I’m thinking to do a post about it…but we’ll see 😉

Meanwhile I’ve been totally smitten by:

  • the Define Magazine – I got my copy and it is lovely
  • this interior – I wish I had a house like that
  • this COS photo shoot – makes me wanna live on my couch forever 
  • these table settings – I’ll be staying in the Netherlands for the holidays and I plan on throwing dinners and gatherings so this is great inspiration
  • this GIF by Cocorrina

have a great weekend! xx




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Has anyone else been having that feeling that the weather should become easier to us? Like letting us wear whatever we want without super-freezing? i don’t mean discarding seasons completely. I really love all four seasons. But just making winter a bit gentler – meaning not needing a huge coat, beanie, scarf, gloves and boots to get through a normal day. I really love this dress from Naftul for example – and yeah it is in their winter collection. But here in the Netherlands I would probably “loose” my ankles if I wear something like that. *bummer* 

Have you checked this amazing perfume & body care LVNEA shop on Etsy yet? Doesn’t it look amazing?

Friday Bits #1: Let’s Do This

happy friday everyone! Well this week has been super-crazy. Actually last week I stumbled upon ThriftsandThreads and all the useful tips Brittany shares on blogging and instagraming. And that was it. I got so inspired by her blog and tips that I immediately got down to business, worked hard on developing an aesthetic I want to promote through instagram along with the subjects I want to talk about here on the blog. Phewwww, a lot of work, many hours in front of my laptop and iPhone but I think it was totally worth it. I managed to write, design and schedule more than five posts for the blog, post 2-3 times per day on Instagram and create a couple of new designs for the shop as well.

In addition to that I’m working on an Architectural Competition which is due early November. Because don’t forget I’m an architect too 😉 Not bad, right?

Meanwhile I’ve been totally smitten by:

How was your week? Anything amazing to share? 

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Over the past few weeks my spare time was basically devoted in shopping for renewing and expanding my seasonal wardrobe. My recent move to Rotterdam demanded a focus in basic, staple pieces that would get me through the colder days ahead with style and comfort. Due to that process I had the opportunity to shop around the web and collect a few I-wish-I-could-buy-them-all pieces.

That being said, I present you my new column, called “Wear Me”, showcasing ways to style myLifebox jewelry with amazing pieces from amazing brands. 

Something Amazing

Good news: Yesterday I received a lovely message containing the photo you see above. Around six months ago one of the Etsy admins reached out to me asking for one of my designs for a photo-shoot they were putting together for an Etsy Campaign. Of course I was thrilled and super excited to send it. A couple of months later I received the necklace back with no notice if they did use it or not. So I assumed they didn’t. 

But no! Yesterday was the day that proved me wrong. And I couldn’t be happier. Not only the result is amazing but also I was over the moon when I heard who the stylist and photographer were. Thomas Vermeer (with whom I happen to share a last name, wtf?) and Sabrina Bongiovanni  worked together for Etsy and made all this magic happen!

And I’m so glad they did 😉