Setting the bar high

One thing is for sure, I’m no adept at business management & I haven’t mastered the marketing tools available for small businesses. And I guess it’s normal to one point, since  I haven’t paid so much attention to expanding my brand or to building a consistent following. 

But now it’s time to turn this around. Working on myLifebox this past month has been a hell of a process. And that’s how I realized that I was mostly fooling around before that. 

Quitting your 9-5 job, or actually never applying for one, needs balls guys. I can’t help but think that the only way to do wonders is to set the bar high. Because we all can be decent or good at something. Particularly, I believe that if you are not focusing on something specific, people can be decent/good at many many things. And here is the normal question…what do you want? to be the best at what you do or, anyway, the best of who you can be? or you’d rather be good at many fields?

I know I put it like I strongly believe that the answer should be “be the best at what you do”. But the truth is that I’m not 100% sure that that’s the case. Truth to be told, what’s wrong with being good at many things? Not acing anything. How does that feel? 

I always struggled with these thoughts. Maybe because it is way easier to just be good at many things. Think about it, putting no more than 20% of your potential effort into something and seeing results can be very confusing. You immediately think “well, that was easy, let’s keep it up that way and yay” BUT here is the trap. That is exactly the point where you should say “ok that’s great, but now I’m going to work my ass off”. 

Well, that’s exactly what I didn’t do the past year and a half. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing for myLifebox from now on. Because having the potential of being something is not the same as actually becoming that something. I don’t know what my potential is, but I’m going to figure it out along the way. 


Change: Is there a right time?

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.


There are two ways of talking about change. The bad and the good way. If you think about it, noone ever talks on change neutrally. Either people are looking forward to change their lives, either they are completely overwhelmed by the idea. Well, the past two months -maybe more- I’ve felt both things. Which is deeply exhausting, believe me.  

When I first launched my jewelry collection I had no idea where I was heading to. I didn’t even plan anything ahead, or had any specific aspirations whatsoever. I was still in Architecture School and had quite some time until graduation. I never dreamed of becoming a famous architect, but then…what did I dream of becoming anyway? Without realizing it, while working on my graduation thesis, myLifebox jewelry became something more than just a hobby. Not a full time job, but certainly something with a strong potential. People started buying…my designs. wow! 

Two months after my graduation, here I am, in Rotterdam. I left Greece in hopes of a better professional future. And, who am I kidding, in order to be with my boyfriend. For those of you not relevant with architecture, Rotterdam has like a million architecture offices and firms -some are really huge, like OMA or MVRDV, and others are smaller, but in any case they are many. So my first plan was to come here and find a decent  job, evolve as an architect and let my fate guide me, or whatever. 

However I guess I had different plans deeper in my mind and I had no idea until recently. I came here, settled, arranged my small office in my attic bedroom – in front of a lovely window, opened my laptop and instead of working on my architecture portfolio and job applications, I found my self working on my jewelry line, planning ahead, for the first time ever. 

What I ‘m trying to tell you is that I embraced change when i decided to relocate. I packed all the important stuff, I loaded my car and drove all the way up here to pursue my dream of becoming an architect. And somewhere along the way I just changed my dream. 

So, my modest advice is to embrace change because as overwhelming and scary it can be, it might lead you to fulfilling your goals, without realizing it.