RECIPE | Almond Milk Chai Latte

As my exploring the dairy-free life journey continues I have found several recipes that make me forget what I’ve given up. And this one is so delicious that I’m kind of glad that my decision led me to it. Even when I was drinking cow’s milk on a daily basis, I would never put much thought and make something a bit different out of it. And this Chai latte recipe is just something every milk drinker -almond, rice, soya or even cow- should try.    

Needless to say I found it on Love and Lemons blog. They have so many recipes it is hard to just jump to another site. I find everything I need there. But please, if you have to share any cool sites or blogs that will help me get creative with my non-dairy nutrition, I’d looove to know! 

recipe here


RECIPE | Hazelnut Tahini Noodles w/ Beef

The big news are that last week I decided to go dairy-free. That’s kinda big for me since I basically drunk milk instead of water. Not good at all, I know. Well, during these past few days I’ve searched maybe hundreds of vegan recipes to get inspired. Of course I still eat meat but it is easier to look for non-dairy recipes like that. And just spice it up by adding some finely sliced beef on top. 
I’m sure most of you already know the Love and Lemons blog. If you don’t, please check it out, the recipes are divine. As is this pasta recipe. I’m so glad I tried it. 
You can find the instructions here and then if, like me, you want to add some beef just slice it and roast it for approx. 5mins in order to stay tender and soft.  
After cooking this dish i realized that it’s been like forever since I last posted about food here on the blog. So, I had an idea that doesn’t require a lot of effort from my end, since I’m really busy at the moment to make new recipes from scratch, and I’ll still have the chance to post about food, which I really love. So, since I’m trying to build new, healthier nutrition habits I need to find recipes that not only are appropriate but delicious as well. Basically, I will test recipes found around the internet and then, if I’m satisfied with the result, I will take a photo of my dish and share it with you, linking back to the initial source. Of course I will share little tips to spice it up 🙂
So, that’s all I can do for now. Only easy and fast posts. Better than nothing though, right?

First day of Spring

I have to admit that this spring thing has really gotten into me. I couldn’t be more excited with the change of season. It is clearly only symbolic but I’m so fueled up with energy to do things and be more active in general. Even though I don’t have a particular problem with cold, it makes me really sad that the day is over so early during winter. And it also makes me sleepy much earlier. 

Yay spring!!! Days last longer, flowers bloom and sun starts to make me take off my jacket! What’s not to celebrate?

So happy spring to all ! 

Mark Rothko Wallpaper

After trying to figure out how to start a post after two months of absence I realized that there’s not much to say when your post is a wallpaper. Well, the truth is I’ve been quite busy this academic year, working on my graduate thesis project and applying for master programs for next year, so there is not much of a time left for blogging. But I really love this place and be sure, I won’t abandon it 🙂

Anyway, I had this talk with my gradpa yesterday about all these artists that have been known for their minimal and yet great contribution to art history, like Rothko and Pollock. Well, my grandpa believes that it is unfair to deem them as great as artists like Dali or Van Gogh but I couldn’t disagree more..

So, after my little, fruitful talk with him I came across this quote that I truly liked and made me smile for a whole bunch of  reasons. And then I decided it was high time to share some bits and pieces with you guys. Well, here I am… and if you like the wallpaper and/or the quote here it is in three different colors as well.