recipe | nectarine popsicles

Today’s recipe is extremely easy but too refreshing, delicious and healthy that’s so worth it. When it comes to sweets I’m a total fruit sucker. And even more when it comes to fruity popsicles. Ever since I was a little girl I preferred fruity ice screams and popsicles instead of chocolate-cream, classic ice creams. 
Last month I went for an IKEA walk. Just window shopping. But I stumbled upon some cute popsicle molds and I couldn’t resist. So here I am sharing my go-to fruity summer sweet recipe that is perfect to satisfy my cravings without worrying about calories.

You will only need a fruit juicer and…popsicle molds. That’s it. Just pick your favorite fruit, or combine fruits, take their juice and freeze them!! I love nectarines very much so I didn’t mix the flavors. And because I really wanted to go for healthy this time I didn’t add sugar or any sweeteners. BUT I always share a couple of extra ideas that you could use to adjust the recipe to your taste. Feel free to add 1tsp. of caster sugar in each mold if you want your popsicle sweeter OR if you use fruits that are sour, like oranges. And another great idea would be to add little chopped fruit pieces in the molds 🙂 enjoy!


diy | clay ring dishes

hello guys! hope your week is trucking along nicely. I, for one, am trying to be optimistic and stay positive during my -hopefully last- exam period. BUT how exciting is the giveaway we brought together for Fashiony Fab? Did you enter already? if not make sure you do here!
So, let’s get the ball rolling.. Today’s DIY post is probably one of my all time favorites. Maybe exaggerating a little bit, but it combines several things I love. My latest addiction: white air-drying clay, (remember this?). Geometric shapes. And, mostly pertaining to the photo-shoot, but still…black, white AND gold? Is there anything not to love about this project? ok, i’m totally exaggerating now, sorry 🙂

You will need: air-drying clay, a rolling pin, a craft knife, sand paper and bowls. 
1. using your rolling pin to flatten the clay so that you have a nice around 4mm thick clay layer.
2. use your craft knife to cut the shape you want (at least 5cm wide)
3. put the flat shapes into bowls to take the shape of their bottom (see photo on the left).
4. let them dry for one day and then remove them form the bowls, allowing them a few more hours to dry completely.
5. when dry, sand paper the rough edges and…ready!! 
I guess most of you already know that I’m a huge fan of clay’s imperfect look. I love it’s matte look and kind of sandy feel when touching it. I also like that it is not perfectly smooth. Anyway, my point is that if you are not a fan of all these things, you still can sand-paper the rough edges a lot more than I did and also varnish, or even paint the dishes. 
Happy DIYing ❤

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diy | t-shirt braided coasters

Guys is it Friday already? Wow, this week passed by like hell. I already started studying for my last exams (yay!) that start next week and it only seems yesterday when it was Monday and I had sooo many things to do. One of them was to post this diy but I guess I got a bit distracted by all the architecture history details I have to absorb by Tuesday. 
So the last post of this crazy week is little diy project that I came up while watching Suits (anyone else watching?). This summer I bought two long t-shirt dresses, one black and one beige. And although I’m quite tall, I had to shorten them. Well, by shortening them I mean just cutting them, because it is t-shirt so who minds to sew afterwards, right? 😉 Anyway, the point is that I was left with a few t-shirt stripes that looked to good to just throw away. So I started braiding. And then wrapping and then sewing. And the point is that it is pretty easy to make these coasters.
Since, as I told you, I made them while watching series, I didn’t bother to take pictures of the whole process so now I don’t have to show you a step-by-step tutorial. Unfortunately. But, while writing this post I thought that it wouldn’t be difficult to find a couple of similar projects on the web -because if I thought it, someone else did too and maybe he took pictures! And of course not only I’m not the only one….but there a million of people that thought the exact same thing! Ha! And there are also a few who actually made a rug with t-shirt yarn, wow right? 
If you are interested in making them here are two tutorials I found that seem great.
The first one shows the exact step-by-step process I did too, BUT I found another one too that doesn’t need sewing and now I feel a bit stupid that I didn’t do that. ❤

recipe | blueberries & blue cheese salad

I think it is safe to say that I’m a salad maniac. My boyfriend sure does call me like that and I don’t blame him at all. But many people just don’t get how awesome salads are. And sooo easy and quick to make. If only groceries lasted longer so I could buy tones of them and have a vegetable-full fridge all the time. 
So, this time the key to this salad is the blueberries and blue cheese combination. The rest of it are just minor details. I used a pretty ordinary lettuce base, added some grated carrot and a handful of cherry tomatoes -because I just add them in every single salad like a maniac. Don’t panic with the ingredients though. Just use whatever salad stuff you have in your fridge. And then add the killing combination.
And I’m just saying guys, you should try it! And it goes really good with a balsamic-honey vinegar, some fresh ground pepper and salt. 
Try it and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

DIY | Clay & Copper Mobile

Hey guys! Hope your week started off wonderfully 🙂

The past two years I’ve watched mobiles becoming more and more liked. I, for sure, have caught myself eyeing beautiful mobiles several times. And the fun is that they are not only for kiddos anymore!! YAY!!! I mean, wouldn’t it be lovely to hang a beautiful mobile somewhere outside, on the balcony perhaps or in the porch even better? Anyway, all that plus that I like playing with clay, gave me the idea to make my own, a bit smaller than the ones I’m eyeing, mobile. 


AnnaRosa on Vimeo

And when i made it I couldn’t stop starring at it moving with the wind. So here is a video only to show you how beautiful it “dances”.

So, first thing you need to do is to make a handful of beads and four sticks with four holes each (mine are 20cm long). I used an air-drying clay but you can of course use whatever kind you prefer. Since I’m a minimalism-freak I left the beads white but you can always get more creative by painting them. 

As you see above, I made five types of bead-shapes and then I played with the size of them. I just always had in mind to make at least four of each shape. 

The most difficult part is to assemble the squared “wreath” where the beads will hang from. The photos below will guide you step by step to help you with it. Take a good look at the last photo, where the jute in the square forms a tic-tac-toe. That step is really important to make it strong and stable. Note that you need to tie a small knot where the jute meets each hole. 

Now that the hard part is over…..spice it up by adding the beads you creatively made!!! This was my favorite part.. And while making it I decided to add some copper beads as well! Cause what else do I love besides white clay? Copper! So obvious.. haha! 

Anyway, hope you like it and I’d love to see your versions or other mobiles you’ve made perhaps.. 

DIY | Homemade Easy Body Scrub

While summer has reached it’s hottest level and most of us are still enjoying sun more or less, caring about our skin becomes highly imperative. I know it is extremely boring to care about these stuff instead of just laying on the beach for hours, but unfortunately sun has becomes a bit dangerous and it is always smarter to get protection. Anyway, this post is not about protection from the sun but for taking care of ourselves after sunbathing. Sea and sun together, although really delightful, can dry our skin very fast. Removing the dead sells of the skin’s surface while moisturizing it as well is the least we can do once a week during our vacation. It doesn’t take a lot of time and our skin we’ll stay healthier and prettier during the hot, dry days of summer.

I forgot to tell you that it is really easy to make this scrub mix and you can just leave it in a jar near your shower and use it all year long. It also smells really nice and the skin feels soooo soft after using it that you’ll get addicted!! 


1 cup pink Himalayan salt

3/4 cup walnut oil 

2 tbsp lemon juice 

Combine all the ingredients in a jar and…ready!

Next step…how to use it.

In the shower (before using soap)

Start at your feet and massage the scrub in a circular motion up the legs, the torso and then the arms. Make sure you don’t do it extremely hard, otherwise you can hurt your skin. And please don’t do it very often, once-twice a week will suffice. 

recipe | Summer Cheesecake

How about starting our week with a fresh and delicious recipe? 
I don’t know about you but during summer I love my desserts fruity and light. And this cheesecake combines all that, plus it is great cause it’s served right from the fridge!! You can save it in it for more than a week (if you manage not to consume it right away) and it makes a great dessert to satisfy your sweet-toothed guests as well! Personally, I had to make it because I lost a bet that I wasn’t supposed to lose BUT believe me it is totally worth it and you will love it!! And who doesn’t want a cheesecake recipe in his archive, right? I have probably quite a few written down and this one is by far the best I’ve tried. 
450gr digestive biscuits
200gr butter
300gr Philadelphia cream-cheese
200gr Mascarpone cream-cheese
400ml dairy cream
1 cup caster sugar
Preheat your oven to 180C. Prepare a round cake pan (mine is 27cm wide). Add a metallic mixing bowl in the cooler (this will help you with the dairy cream).
Crush the biscuits either using a pestle or a food processor. Melt the butter, pour it in the crumbed biscuits and mix until fully combined, so that you have a biscuit paste. Add the paste in the pan and spread it all over it so that it forms a nice straight thick base. Bake for about 10-12′ and then let it cool completely.
Remove the metallic mixing bowl from the cooler. Pour in it the dairy cream and start beating with your mixer. If you don’t have an electric one, it’s fine, you’ll just need to be a bit patient. When the cream starts to bubble add gradually the caster sugar. Beat until you have a fluffy foam. Add the philadelphia and mascarpone cheese and combine really carefully and slowly so that the whipped cream doesn’t lose a lot of volume. When the mixture is fully combined add it on top of the biscuit base. Leave it in the fridge to cool for at least 4 hours before serving. 

> serve it with your favorite jam or chopped fruit! I used my favorite Bonne Maman strawberry jam <

design your dream

hello hello!! 
Now I realize how much I’ve missed you guys and this blog. This summer has treated me with extra love (if anyone of you is following me on instagram will know how beautiful the places I’ve visited are) and I feel so fulfilled and ready to get down to business already. I have loads of new ideas written down and hopefully, if I manage my time effectively you’ll soon be seeing a lot of new exciting projects over here. 
I know I haven’t been around so much lately. Juggling between studies, life, etsy shop and blogging I guess is something I can’t do perfectly. However, with a little more effort I think that I will find the balance to do everything. That’s why I took this summer off of everything. To relax and reevaluate all my needs and dreams seemed more than necessary and I have to admit that only good things can come out of it.
Let’s say that this summer was the time I needed to start designing my dream. (Ha! That’s where the quote came from) And it worked actually. 
In other news, a huge thank you to Corina, whom I met last Sunday! I had the chance to meet one of my favorite bloggers which I guess is pretty awesome! She is a huge source of inspiration to me and I look up to her in the best possible way. And guys, believe me, because I know you all love her as much as I do, she is even lovelier in person..