Giveaway | Happy Birthday Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard

Hello hello ladies and gentlemen! I’ve said several times before that my favorite thing about blogging is getting to know all these amazing people around the web and forming beautiful relationships with many of them! This birthday giveaway is the best way to celebrate this lovely aspect of blogging, don’t you think? Janee from Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard brought together 32 talented bloggers in order to celebrate her blogs 3rd anniversary and I’m honored to be one of them!
A 400$ gift card that you can choose between Etsy, Amazon, Jet Blue, Target or Tiffany’s to spend it! The gift is enormously amazing and only one will win it, so people…..make sure you enter with as many possible ways!!
Of course this lovely giveaway wouldn’t be real if the following people hadn’t teamed up, so please make sure you check their great blogs below 😉

And let the luckiest win 😉


Recipe | Love Chocolate on a Stick

Apparently I missed my kitchen more than I thought, so I decided to make something easy and fun to share. Most DIY blogs have already posted a couple of Valentine projects. However, I’ve never been a valentines-day lover and I actually surprised myself when I had the idea to make Love Chocolates. It’s funny to call them Love Chocolates, I think it’s kinda cute! But the truth is that the only thing that makes them “love” ones, is their shape, which easily could have been different! In any case, I love my heart shaped molds and I think it will be perfect to make these little treats for your Valentine, in any shape you want! 

You will need // [12 sticks]
-molds (heart shaped or just regular ice-cube molds)
-sticks (mine are from Starbucks…ooopsie!)
-500 gr couverture chocolate
-3 tbsp cream or a stick of butter
-silly, funny, cute and colorful toppings
-and if you are a bit dashing…sprinkle the bites with some sea salt!! (heavenly!!)

How to //
-melt the couverture 
-add the cream or butter and remove from heat
-poor the chocolate into the molds and let cool
-add a stick to each chocolate
-sprinkle and decorate with colorful and happy toppings
*consume* 🙂

Happy Pre-Valentines Month!!! 

First Post of the Year

While I was trying to find some time to post something here, I caught myself wondering about the subject of my first post. I know it’s been quite a while and I actually feel a bit bad about it, but I have to admit that I super enjoyed my vacation time and now I’m kinda ready to get down to business again. However, by business I mean the blog, the Etsy shop and my studies. The day feels so small when I have so many things to do! Not to mention that I have to fit my personal life somewhere as well 🙂

So, while the first post idea I had was obviously a “resolution” one, I thought it would be better to talk about my current great great love! And hopefully one of the next days I’ll talk about my “Goal list” as well.  
As some of you already know or have noticed on the sidebar, the last one and a half month I run an Etsy shop, selling statement jewelry! When I decided to open my shop I had no idea how time consuming it would be. And I’m so sooo grateful that I see my necklaces, not only being purchased but also on the front page of Etsy (hooray!!) and in loads of treasury lists. It is absolutely a dream come true to actually be running my shop and selling my goodies. So, if you miss me and my blog posts, blame Etsy 🙂 

I’m really working hard on finding the perfect balance between Etsy, the blog, my studies and personal life. I’m still figuring everything out though. Hopefully 2014 will help me solve this equation 🙂 I have to admit that the past year hasn’t been the best at all. And while I was really happy about my blog’s progress and I was planning, literally, a tone of Christmas and holiday projects, everything fell apart when I was in Athens. I actually have like 26 candy canes waiting to make a Christmas wreath, around 5 different Christmas stamps waiting to decorate wrapping papers and 3 blocks of clay waiting to be transformed into ornaments! Not to mention all the unfinished, unedited posts on my computer. So, we can officially declare December as a bad blog month. And January seems to become one as well, judging from my progress so far. 
Anyway, I’m sure I’ll figure out how to do everything and stay alive too 🙂 I’m so happy I found a couple of mins to post something here though. I really miss you guys and I promise I won’t disappear again 🙂


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Finally 2014 is here and waiting for us to live every little moment of it.. I hope you all had a wonderful NYE with friends, family and loved ones. 
I don’t know about you, but I’m really eager to see what this year has in store for me.  I truly wish to all of you the best and we will be in touch 🙂 I just need a couple of days more to stay unplugged from everything!
Send you my love