Freebie Friday | Christmas Stationery Cards

HoHoHo Merry Christmas!! 
I designed a bunch of Christmas stationery cards for you and today I’m sharing the first three ones! I always love a nice stationery with my gifts. So if you do too, you only need to download them and fold them in half 🙂 I hope you enjoy them!

Have a great weekend!

Tagged | 5 things about me

I was tagged by the lovely Emma Lou to join the game 5 Things. Lately many bloggers have joined this or similar tagging games and I’m so excited I get to be one of them. I loved reading all these little weird facts about fellow bloggers, but now it’s my turn to share some funny facts about me as well. The truth is it was kind of hard to decide what to share but I hope some of you will relate to my weirdness 🙂

1. Singing in the car. It seems that my driving always comes with my terrible singing. I would love to have a nice, or at least decent, voice…but no! God decided to leave me without any vocal talents. And apparently I desperately want to prove him wrong. Therefore I sing, as loud as I possibly can when I drive. With the windows open 🙂 And of course singing comes with theatrical moves. It just feels wrong without them. At least I make people laugh 🙂 

2. I am a crier. Hmm..well that is probably one of the first things (I hope not the first) that my people would say about me. I literally can cry about anything. I get moved extremely easily. And crying while watching The Notebook I guess is fine. But crying with moving commercials (yes, moving but still…commercials) I’m sure it is not fine. The funniest thing about it is that till recently I was sure that no one had actually noticed how much of a crier I am 🙂 

3. I can live on milk. And any other dairy product in fact. I can replace water with milk. My mom tried really hard to make me stop drinking milk but I think it just can’t happen. Sometimes I believe that I have milk running in my veins. It makes more sense. Plus I can drink milk with any food. Especially with pizza! Ok, sorry if it sounds disgusting guys 🙂 

4. My love, Booky! I simply cannot imagine my life without my beloved dog. I know this is not a fun or weird fact about me, but it sure defines me as a person more than many other things. Booky, is the most wonderful and tender creature and I’m so happy to have her in my life! We always sleep together and I looove her so much I could die. 

5. Five names. I think only a few of you know that I’m half-Dutch/half-Greek. My mom is from The Netherlands but I was born and raised in Greece. My parents decided to name me Anna-Rosa, which already is a bit unusual and most people who don’t know me just call me Anna (which is fine)! But the funny truth is that my whole name is Anna-Maria-Rosa and then I have two surnames too 🙂 So my complete name is Anna-Maria-Rosa Moschouti-Vermeer!! Yes, children used to tease me a lot at school 🙂 

So that’s all guys!! Five things you didn’t know about me 🙂 I’m tagging Eleni (myparadissi), Kelly (Pink and Lola), Jacquelyn (Lark & Linen), Juni (Hej, Juni) and aaaaaall of you who want to play along 🙂 Because it is not about tagging other people 🙂 

DIY | Origami Christmas Trees [repeat]

One year ago, when my blog had only a couple of readers (my mom and maybe a friend or two) I made some origami christmas trees and shared them here. Back then my little trees hardly made it to pinterest. However, this year my trees seem to be my basic traffic source. Therefore, I decided to write a post, ode to my trees and all the amazing people who actually followed my tutorial and made them themselves (see some of them on the photo above)! And for those of you who still need to add some finishing touches to your festive decorations or want to throw a craft party for your children and haven’t stumbled upon my last year’s post 🙂
To tell you the truth, the main reason I’m writing this post is because I really want to thank each and every person that shared my little trees on their blog, website, pinterest DIY board, even instagram and twitter. Since I haven’t been around the blogosphere for a long time, this post’s success made me tremendously happy. And not that numbers matter, but from having around 3000 monthly page views to having almost 60000 is a major change!! Not that the trees are the only reason…I really want to believe that people do have other reasons to return here 🙂 But, still…
Anyway! Since so many people got interested in learning how to make the trees, I recently uploaded a new tutorial video too on vimeo. And I’m glad to know that many people actually made their own trees!! it really made me even happier to know that my tutorial helped and came in handy. So if you want to watch it, here is the video too 🙂

xmas origami tree from AnnaRosa on Vimeo.

And because a proper ode post cannot be written without mentioning all the lovely people that made that happen, here are the links to the blogs and sites that featured my origami trees! And if I miss someone let me know and sorry in advance 🙂 Please, do spend a couple of minutes-or more-to check them out..

PS: Except for the first three blogs which are the ones that actually made and shared their own trees (pictured above), the rest of the list is completely randomly ordered 🙂 Some of them are blogs, other are websites (like Be, Adressa and Afterposten). Plus many of them are written in foreign languages, such as Danish, German and Spanish. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll figure it out 🙂 So…one more time..I’m so incredibly thankful and happy for my little paper trees and their success! And since many of you may be interested in making your own trees as well, I thought it was a good idea to share the post again with you 🙂

have a great week y’all!! hohoho

Foodie Weekend Round-Up

hello hello my lovely friends. I know i’ve been a bit off lately, but many things are going on and my head has been all over the place! the good news are that my sister in law delivered her baby and now I have a teeny tiny niece to love as well!! That means I’m in Athens again, since I want to be with my family more than ever, to embrace our little’s life. Moving to Athens for the month though made my life messier than ever. I had to bring all the stuff I need for my jewelry with me plus clothes, books and many more things I use on a daily basis. Anyway, the important thing is I get to be with my friends and family and I really love that.
So, the point of me saying all these is that I don’t have enough time to spend on cooking, DIYing and photo shooting. Therefore I chose to share with you my favorite food blogs. Because, even though I try to cook and then have the courage to share my recipes with you, I hardly consider my blog a food one. I just like to share with you my cooking experiences 🙂 On the contrary, the blogs I introduce you to today, are really good food blogs. And I really admire the people behind them. Please take a look yourself to be convinced!

Happy Weekend 🙂 See you on Monday!

Recipe | Beetroot Bites

I was looking for a Christmas recipe to share but, not something difficult and demanding. I just wanted something to look a bit christmassy. And these cute beetroot bites are just that! Red, white and green, the dominant Christmas colors all in one little bite. I have to admit that the idea came to me after seeing this recipe on Fork and Flower blog. I loved the idea of making a wintery caprese salad so I tried to make one too, with different ingredients. Scarlett’s salad was sweeter in some kind of way, but mine is a bit sour.
I love it cause it can be served as an appetizer, it looks amazing and has a great taste as well!

if you want to make these cute little bites, you will need only a few ingredients. Basically, beetroots, yogurt and capers. Firstly, you will have to cook the beetroots. Many super-markets sell pre-cooked beetroots but you can do whatever works best for you. After cooking them, let them cool for a while and then slice the them horizontally. Arrange the slices on a plate. Then you will have to add some yogurt on top of every slice. I chose to use a pastry bag, to make it look more festive! of course you can just use a spoon if you want. Garnish with a handful of capers and then drizzle over some olive oil and maybe some balsamic vinegar if you like it. Ready to serve!!
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How We Do | A Perfect December Day

Latrina (Of Trees and hues) and Hanna (Hanna’s Place) came up with this enormously sweet idea. They created a monthly column, called How We Do, where they and whoever blogger wants, get to describe how they do a certain thing. To start with, they chose a very nice topic, titled “A Perfect December Day”.

Since I’ve already read their ideal days, which actually seem perfect, I’ll try to describe mine too 🙂

I remember my younger self waiting eagerly for December to come. December was always my family’s favorite month, since five of us have our name-days and we used to celebrate them all together, throwing a huge dinner/party at my grandmas house. And then Christmas of course!! Who can not be excited about Christmas anyway? 
Traditions and things in general changed over years, but i still wait for December to come every year! Maybe for totally different reasons, maybe for no reason at all, but December will always be one my favorite months. What is not to like about it after all? The weather is amazing (especially if you love layering up) and most people are smiling!! 
Anyway…if I had to choose one specific December day, it would definitely be Sunday. So let’s imagine it’s a beautiful winter Sunday morning for a moment, shall we? That would include snowing, or at least very cold weather, but with some hints of sun every now and then. You know, just enough to make you smile. 🙂
I picture my self waking up in my fluffy white sheets, with Booky (my dog) still sleeping by my side, in my warm Christmassy home. After snuggling in bed for half an hour, or so, I finally go to the kitchen and make some coffee and a breakfast full of colorful fruit and cookies!
One of the things I enjoy during winter, is walking with my dog. So after finishing my breakfast I drive to the woods accompanied by Booky and wander! I feel so peaceful when in the woods, or the beach. Especially in the winter!
After my walk I’m ready to meet some friends to have lunch. I invite them home, to cook, while listening, dancing and singing to loud (Christmas) music!! We make delicious eats and treats and after having our lunch we watch all together “Love Actually” for the hundredth time. It is kind if a tradition 🙂 I absolutely love Hugh Grants dance scene!! Sigh! After watching the movie, we probably play board games. I love playing board games with friends!! We always laugh sooo hard, even though I lose all the time!!! 
When my friends leave, it is already dark outside and I have to walk Booky again. We go for a small walk at the park and when we get back home I make a nice cup of tea and sit at my desk. Sitting at my desk is something I do every single day, even if i don’t have work to do. it is like a ritual to me. I might have some gifts to wrap, or I might just sit and think while doodling on a piece of paper. It doesn’t matter as long as i sit there for a little time to re-evaluate and think.. The day ends with a hot bath and some book reading in bed!

I know, most of you have totally different ideal days in mind. But since I’m kind of a loner at the moment, I cannot think of a better December Sunday. Thank you very much for sticking with me and reading my words 🙂 If you want to play along, feel free…just visit one of the girls blogs and see how 🙂

DIY | Christmas Branches

Lately I’ve been lacking inspiration. I don’t know about you, but when I feel uninspired I feel kind of useless too. The past two days the weather was extremely bad and I have to admit that didn’t help at all. I couldn’t take photos -even if I had something to show you- nor do anything at all in fact. Anyway, last night when I was walking my dog, all layered up, I noticed some broken branches. Probably they broke off due to the wind.  And then…hooray…I had an idea! i took the branches with me and used them to decorate my house. So, I spray-painted them gold!! I know, I’ve warned you already a couple of times..I’ll be spray-painting almost everything this year!
Anyway. I put the branches in a vase and hung some minimal ornaments from them. if you want you can check the tutorial on how to make these ornaments here. Since i used such an earthy element I didn’t want to make it too sparkling etc. Therefore i chose this “farm” twine to hung the ornaments from. 
Hope you like the result.. And more to come with findings from my walk with my dog..!

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myLifebox going Etsy | Opening Announcement

Remember this post?? So, finally I got to open my little Etsy shop and I’m very excited! I still have a lot of work to do, so please note that some photos have to be retaken. I even want to add some extra pieces in my collection. But, if I wait to do everything perfect before opening my shop, you will have to wait for ages. Sometimes we just have to let our perfectionism go, right?

When I was in Athens, I showed my jewelry to an amazing woman who owns an amazing shop (and with amazing I mean…a shop that sells Acne for example) and she bought four of my pieces wholesale for her shop. That was a great honor for me and I immediately knew that I had to open my Etsy shop as soon as possible. Two days ago I opened my shop without saying anything to my friends or family. I did it only to see how my pieces look when displayed on Etsy and to figure out some payment details etc. I could not believe in my eyes when the first order came up! And now I have another one too! So, I think it is only for the best to open my shop, even without everything ready, and hope that you will understand that some little details are still under construction 🙂 

And now….if you want to check my designs out (drum roll……) click here or just search myLifebox on Etsy
I would love to know what you think!! Your opinion means the world to me 🙂