DIY:: Necklace + Bracelets

A few days ago I went for eye-shopping at some craft stores and I ran through these supplies. A plastic black tube and some gold bracelet ends. In case you can find similar in your crafft-store, buy them, they are really cheap and easy to make. You’ll need only 5mins to make something and you’ll wear it right after. 
I also tried to make a little video showing you how I made them. It is my first attempt to shot a DIY video and I did it entirely by my self, so forgive me if it’s a bit blurry at some points. 

Freebie Friday :: Dinosaur Wallpaper

< today I’m launching a new category of posts again. Yesterday I introduced you to “Smitten by” and now I’m introducing you to “Freebie Friday”. It will be a weekly post series with free downloadable goodies, such as wallpapers, printable postcards etc. Let’s hope you’ll like it > 
When I first saw this quote I laughed. I was expecting to read something deep and thoughtful like “if history repeats itself I’ll have the chance to blah blah..” but it totally got me! And then it made me think. We have only one life and after all the point it not to be serious all the time and to focus on what we could have done better or not. So yes, in case history repeats itself I would probably get a dinosaur too. But a small one…without fire breathing and large teeth,you know 🙂  

Super fruit drink

Since it’s summer and I’m trying to have a balanced diet, I decided to import fruits in my life in every possible way. So i went to the grocery and bought 3 bags full of fruit. Today I had for breakfast this super fruit juice. I used five apricots, one nectarine, one pear and the juice of one orange. I just put them in the liquidizer and added a few ice cubes. 
Delicious, nutritious and filling! great choice for breakfast!

On my mind :: moodboard + words

So, lately life has been something like this:
-pretty busy with my exams (till yesterday) and a research program we’re running till mid-July
-my right knee acts up for some strange reason and it gives me a really hard time
-a new donut store opened this month in my neighbourhood and I’m not afraid to admit that I could live on donuts and milk from now on. Unfortunately I’m on a diet
-still haven’t been to the beach, which is extremely unusual for me, since I used to go for a swim around May every year
-thinking of making a few changes around here, hopefully till the end of the summer myLifebox will be refreshed [btw I’d love to know if there’s anything special you’d like me to take into consideration about the changes I’m going to make, since I’m a very bad decision maker, so it would really help if you dropped a few ideas] 
Plus, I read this article about balance, written by Ana from Blog Milk (one of my top-five favourite blogs) and I have to admit I loved it. So if you want read it your self and see what you think too.
And don’t forget to check out NeedSupply’s new look book, styled by Jennifer Hagler, of A Merry Mishap blog. It is one hell of a job.

have a great weekend guys!

DIY:: Hand Painted Gift Tags

As many of you may have already noticed, I love easy and quick diys. And this is certainly one of this kind of projects. I just like it very much whenever I see nicely wrapped gifts…and not only during christmas time. There are so many times you can use a nice gift tag. With flowers or a bottle of wine when invited to your neighbours, with cookies, with gifts (duh!)…and the list goes on. 

I made mine this morning. I used acrylic paint (just black and white) and since ombre is in again, I tried to make kinda ombre gift tags. I started with white and I gradually added a bit of black. Then I just mixed everything, without keeping the order..It was fun anyway! 

Finally I cut the piece of paper I painted in gift tag shapes and punched a hole into every piece! TA DA !! Your own quick and easy gift tags are ready! You can use a lot of color combinations too!! It sure will be fun!

Love xoxo

DIY:: Little Desk Boxes

It was high time for a DIY, don’t you think? Lately I was feeling a bit uninspired as far as diys are concerned. But this morning (actually a few hours ago) I ran through this post on Fellow-Fellow blog and immediately I crabbed some paper and stapler and made those! Claire from Fellow-Fellow named them berry boxes, which I think is really really cute. I’ll use mine as pencil holders and boxes to keep everything that has no place else to be on my know what I mean, right? Everyone has some of this kind of things! 

Anyway, if you’re feeling like making your own go here. It is dead simple and you could use them in so many different ways!

Have a great day 😉

Yogurt Ice Cream w/ Strawberry & Caramelized nuts

Now that the summer is here, I have a lot of ice cream cravings. So i searched for a healthier way to satisfy them. I found a recipe for yogurt ice cream, but I changed it a little bit. To avoid using sugar I used honey instead and I added strawberries too. Since I don’t have an ice cream machine it took me a day of checking every 30mins the freezer and stirring every now and then, but it was totally worth it.
If you have an ice cream machine (grrr…envy) you should definitely try this recipe. And in case you don’t have one, still…you should try it too!!
I would really love to see how yours turned out, so if you try it, drop me a message or a comment and let me know! You can also experiment a little bit and add more fruits or nuts..

You’ll need::
caramelized nuts
300gr crashed nuts
600gr sugar
20gr butter
1/2 lemon’s juice

How to::
Put the sugar, the butter and the lemon juice in a saucepan in high heat. Stir with a wooden spoon, until it becomes liquid and brown. Add the nuts, stir and remove from heat. Spread on a baking sheet and let cool. When completely dry cut it into small pieces. 

You’ll need::
yogurt ice cream
350gr cream 35% fat
600gr yogurt
100gr water
3 tbsp honey
1 vanilla
a handful of strawberries

How to::
Boil the water in a small saucepan. Then add the honey and vanilla, stir and remove from heat. In a different saucepan, heat the cream and then let it cool. In a big bowl add the yogurt with the cold cream and stir well. Then add slowly the honey syrup. 
When fully incorporated put it in the freezer. 30′-45′ mins later take it out and whisk. Then put it in the freezer again. Do that for three more times. Cut the half of the strawberries in very small dices and liquidize the rest of them in the food processor. 
Add them and the caramelized nuts in the ice cream and put it in the freezer for one last time. 
-In case you have an ice cream machine, add the strawberries and nuts after the syrup and put the mixture in the machine.. That simple 😉

So, that’s all! I know it sounds really boring but as I told you before, it is totally worth it!

Cherry time *

There is not much to say, except I love cherries and I’m really happy it’s summer and I can find cherries everywhere 🙂 Plus I have to say I love this turkuaz ceramic handmade plate I bought a few days ago. And I love how much the color pops out of the photo. So, have a great Thursday 🙂 

Love xoxo