Lemon Zest Muffins

I have to admit I hadn’t planned to post a recipe today. But as I was watching some food tube videos I stumbled upon this quite quick and easy recipe and I couldn’t help it! Jamie Oliver made these and added a fruit frosting on top, which looks delicious, but unfortunately I didn’t have fruit or cream cheese, or anything that could make a decent frosting. They are quite tasteful as muffins too though! So if you want to give it a try  you can find the video here. 
You’ll need only 15mins, how cool is that?

Familystyle Zucchini & Lemon Salad

The last, lets say, couple of months, I ‘ve been a really bad eater. I think all started during my exams, when I didn’t have much time to think about eating and cooking, so I started eating junk food way too many times a week. I guess I got used to it and even when my exams were over, I kept eating bad things. Anyway, last week I stumbled upon this great blog that not only inspired me blogwise but, thank God, foodwise too! I immediately realized I hadn’t been such a bad eater for a long long time and that it was high time to do something about it. So, I chose this salad to be my first “back to healthy eating” lunch. 
I highly recommend you to try it, even if it doesn’t seem delicious by reading the ingredients! It is one of the most interesting and yet tasteful salads I’ve ever had. 

Here you can find the original recipe. I added a bit of finely chopped ginger, some dried cranberries and a pinch of smocked sea salt too and it turned out lovely!


Hazelnut & Chocolate brownie

You’ll need ::
260gr milk (! room temperature)
200gr sugar
1 tsp vanilla powder or extract
200gr couverture chocolate
100gr hazelnut chocolate spread
60gr butter (! room temperature)
4 eggs
200gr flour
2 tsp baking powder
crushed hazelnuts (optional)

*I used a spread with caramelized crushed hazelnuts so I didn’t add more to the recipe afterwards

How to ::
Preheat your oven to 180C. Using an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar together until fluffy. Break the eggs one at a time, beating after each addition. When done with the eggs, add the vanilla powder or extract. Melt the couverture chocolate and hazelnut spread together and add them to the batter. Add the nuts too, in case you want to, and beat a little to combine. In a different bowl stir together the baking powder and flour. Add the half of the milk in the batter and beat, then add the half of the flour/baking and beat again till fully incorporated. Add the rest of milk and flour and beat again. Butter a baking tin, add the batter and bake for 25mins exactly! Let cool for 30mins and serve.


Quote + Words

I know things have been pretty quiet around here lately. I’m really sorry for that. But I’m in the middle (or in the beginning) of a very special and difficult project and unfortunately there’s no much time left for the blog. Hopefully I will be posting regularly again soon 🙂 Till then…have fun and smile guys! xoxo 

Stay in your “circle”

Stepping out of our comfort zones is by far one of the most important things we need to learn in our lives. Fear can play a major part in holding us from flying. However there are certain times in life where the best thing to do is take a step back to evaluate decisions or feelings. Then, when everything seems to fall apart, I find it very calming to imagine that I have a circle around me, that gives the protection and safety I need while I think clearly how I will step out of it again. 

I don’t know if any of these makes any sense to you, but somehow it works for me. What do you think?

MARCH (+free iPhone wallpaper)

When Spring is around the corner I cannot but think flowers. I guess, however, I still am in a more “wintery” mood, therefore this wallpaper combines a darker color palette with the floral patterns that spring is all about! 

So, if you’d like this wallpaper on your phone as well, right click on the image and save it or just download it 🙂 

Happy March you guys!