DIY :: Cement Letter

Incredibly in love with cement! The last couple of weeks I was trying to develop this project but unfortunately I didn’t have much luck. Mariana had told me several times that she likes 3d letters. I have the A & J wooden letters, so we thought it was a good idea to make them out of wood. But then I thought that cement would make a great material too! So, after an unsuccessful try, I made it, with a loooooot of help from Antigone

We used cardboard to make the molds and we wrapped it with a lot of tape to make sure it won’t leak. 

Make the cement according to the instructions, put into the mold and let dry overnight. Be careful when removing the mold cause there is a possibility to break it! 

Let me know if you make anything similar, maybe you have a bunch of better ideas!! 
xo Anna-Rosa

perfection *

Funny thing, we all struggle to achieve perfection…. but it’s so boring at the end!

Giveaway* [with Abby Galloway ]

I am super excited to announce that I partner with Abby for the very first giveaway of myLifebox.
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This giveaway gives you the chance to win the beautiful fold over clutch you see above. 
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the giveaway will stay open until March 1st  and the winner will be announced and contacted shorlty after! 

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six ways to display art

#1 – [black binder clip]

If you’re looking for some cool and different ideas to display art, photos, postcards, calendars or whatever you like in your home, here are some suggestions! Besides ordinary nails and frames you can use stuff from your desk, wooden pegs, twine or even an old bicycle wheel!! 

#2 – [twine + wooden pegs]

#3 – [simple clip board]

#4 – [wooden hanger]

#5 – [large black wooden peg]

#6 – [old bicycle wheel, small wooden pegs + binder clips]

What do you think? Do you have some ideas too? Let me know 🙂
Love xoxo

Chocolate+Peanut Butter Cups

You’ll need (makes 12) ::
1cup of peanut butter (I used an extra crunchy version)
1/2 cup of butter
1/2 cup of sugar (optional) 
500gr chocolate (I used bitter)
3/4 cup of milk
sea salt for sprinkling
How to ::
Line a muffin tin with muffin cases.
Melt the peanut butter and butter and then add the sugar (in case you want to). Spoon mixture evenly into the cases and refrigerate for a while. Next step, melt chocolate with milk. For more satin results, leave a small piece of chocolate unmelted and add it to the rest of the mixture last minute. Cold chocolate helps the mixture to reach the perfect temperature so that it looks shinny! Spoon chocolate mix into the cases, on top of the peanut butter one, sprinkle with sea salt and put into the freezer for at least 1 hour. 

The main idea for the photo styling and recipe :: Blue Eyed Bakers

DIY Painted Ceramic Planters

Another easy to make project for your home.
I love ceramic planters so I bought these two for my small cactuses and painted them. I used acrylic paint cause it dries really quick and no matter how many layers of paint you use, the ceramic texture always shows a bit! So, first I painted the outer surface and then I chose an old brush to make the effect on the white one. Most of the brushes hair were stuck together so the result was the one you see. Then I did the same for the inner part. TA- DA! 
Of course you can paint them however you want. Another great idea would be to make patterns, like dots or chevron etc. 
If you do anything, I’d love to see it! let me know! xxx

DIY Can Pencil Holder

I have to admit I love easy and yet beautiful diys. This one is definitely one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done. But who doesn’t want to be done in a few minutes having a great result? 
You can imagine, as an architecture student, my desk is full of markers, pencils, pens etc. I never had the chance to buy many pencil holders that look good together. So I ended up using old mugs. At some point I noticed I was almost obsessed with collecting cans but I was using them mostly as pots for my plants. Then I stumbled upon some photos on pinterest with sprayed cans. I forgot to tell you how obsessed I am with spraying too. So in case you collect -for some strange reason- cans too, this diy is a great way to organize your desk.
You’ll need empty and clean cans, spray (I used a black-matte version) and …that’s all! Happy spraying y’all! xxx