Holiday Gathering

On Sunday we were invited to my dad’s wife home for a family reunion. The food was great and I had a really good time! Very happy I visited my dad’s home too…I kinda missed it. And I had so many things to catch up with everyone! We  definitely had a blast!!! 

Love xxx


DIY Heart Crayons

When I stumbled upon all these tutorials about crayon melting I was thrilled! It is so easy to make funny shaped crayons for kids that I’m kinda jealous I didn’t have some when I was a child. I used heart molds but I would love to have more shapes. So, if you want to make your own funny shaped crayons…

you’ll need::

a bunch of crayons
and some small one-use bowls
(you can also buy some safe baking molds beforehand)

how to::

  1. remove paper from crayons
  2. break them and put them either in the one-use bowls or in the baking molds
  3. in the oven (200C) until crayons are fully melted (takes about 15mins)
  4. in case you used one-use bowls, pour into the molds 
  5. let dry completely
  6. remove from the molds and…..TA DAAA!!

note:: it is nice to put them in small bags as a gift! I made mine like that and my godchild was thrilled to bits!!

love xoxo

Details + Some words

Three random pictures from home. Not much about them.

Today I’m heading off to Athens for the holidays! Finally, I can take some days off. My mom called yesterday to announce that this year we are having turkey for christmas (even though we’ll be just 5 people) and that I have to find a recipe to make it. It is something like a tradition, every Christmas I’m the one who’s cooking for my mother (and the rest). Anyway, any suggestions about what to do with the 6kilo turkey she bought me? I’ve never cooked a whole , stuffed turkey before.
Anyway, as for the past few days – hectic!! There was a christmas bazaar going on yesterday and I had a million things to do. Fortunately, I managed to make (almost) everything. As you can imagine, my home is a today will be mostly about cleaning and packing.

have a great weekend 😉

DIY Christmas Clay Ornaments

I know, there are dozens of clay ornaments on the web. But, in my defence, I did those a couple of weeks ago, before stumbling upon all these DIY posts. However, it is obvious it is a very easy and nice Christmas DIY. You can also use them as gift tags!! 

For smoother results I recommend you to buy a soft sandpaper and rub them carefully!

Antigones Birthday Gift!

Happy Birthday Antigone!!! happy birthday to youuuu, you belong to the zoo, with the monkeys and the donkeys and the others like you!!!! Ok, ok kidding 🙂
Well, to day is Antigones day, and I wanted to share with you, first of all the shoes we (me and Kynthia) bought her as present and secondly how I tried to wrap it!!! I ‘ve seen many of gift wrap stamp tutorials and I decided to make one myself. So, I needed plain brown kraft paper, acrylic paint, foam and something to mount it on (I used a bit of balsa wood). 
I made a polka dot wrapper cause she loves polka dots and I used one of my clay ornaments (I’ll post about them tomorrow) as a tag! 

Le Paper Globe

When I found this paper globe I was thrilled to bits! It’s a wonderful DIY with clear and comprehensible instructions and the best part is…..that it looks really beautiful when finished!!! So I totally recommend it! And the truth is, if I were you, I would make it even bigger than the one I did. 

+ today is the 120th anniversary of Nutcracker Ballet and my small wooden nutcracker is here to celebrate with us!