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Oh I wish I had a better handwriting 😦 Anyway.. Lists! Lists are so important in my life. Going to and coming from Venice included hours and hours of travelling. Planes, buses, boats …jesus! On my way back I had plenty of time to think about all the inspirational things I saw during my stay in Italy. I don’t know about you guys, but as far as I’m concerned, I need to write down my thoughts.. it makes it easier for me to control them. Above you see one of my lists..Ok, it’s not full of extremely important things..but, for me they are small goals to achieve.

ps: seriously, how can I improve my handwriting? 

What about you? Do you make lists?

I’m Back!!

Finally back home! I had the greatest time in Venice but I have to admit I’m exhausted and it’s kinda relief I’m back again.. I can’t wait to share more about my trip but for now I need to take some rest and reconnect my self with reality. I have a huge amount of projects waiting for me… Anyway, it was the best (but still tiring) week ever. So I’m glad to be back.. I’ll be soon more active here too. Till then…have the great week guys 🙂
love xoxo

ps:: hope you enjoyed the guest post week.. more than a million thank yous to my dearest friends for contributing to my blog! 

Guest Post no4 :: Chocolate Muffins

Today I’m introducing you to Antigone! Many of you who follow the blog may know her already. She’s the one who helps me with almost every DIY post (or gives me the idea to do it). She’s the one who feels too shy (or bored, who knows?) to make her own blog but gets the satisfaction she needs through ours (Kynthia from ABitOfGreen is her best friend). And she’s also the girl who I’m having this (sure amazing) week in Venice!! She and Kynthia are two very very good friends of mine..and I have to say I feel very lucky we started hanging out together since last spring, cause they are amazing and we do so many interesting things together!! The recipe Antigone is sharing today is super easy and delicious! So…enjoy!!

You ‘ll need, for 9 muffins ::
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
½  cup

½  cup melted
1 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup cocoa powder
Dark chocolate pieces

How to
Preheat the oven to 190
degrees C. Grease the muffin cases with some oil or butter and set aside.
Combine the milk with the butter and then add the sugar, the cocoa, the salt,
the baking soda and the rest of the ingredients. Mix them altogether, Add the
chocolate pieces and combine again until you have a uniform mixture. Place
2 heaping tablespoons batter in each muffin case and bake until a toothpick inserted in the center of
a muffin
comes out clean, 15 to 20 minutes.
Serve warm…or not! (:
See? It’ s easy.


Guest Post no3 :: DIY Lightbulb Christmas Ornament

So, Kynthia, I guess as a much more experienced blogger than me, thought of giving herself a small introduction. But I really want to say a few things about her too. I actually met Kynthia last spring. We have been fellow students since 2008, but for some unfortunate reason we didn’t hang out a lot before. Since we do though, I have to admit she has become a very close friend of mine (with Antigone too-you’ll meet her tomorrow)! I’m very happy and honored I’m hosting a DIY post of hers. Thanks a lot Kynthia!

Hi there! I’m Kynthia from a bit of green, one of Anna Rosa’s
friends and fellow architecture student. Since the start of November, I’m in a
really christmassy mood; this and the suspicious incident that two lightbulbs
in my house burned out in the same day led to the following DIY project I’ll
share with you.
Lightbulb Christmas Ornament
You will need ::
–  one
or more burned out lightbulb(s)
–  water
soluble colors of your choice
–  a
screwdriver and snips
–  a
glue gun (Anna, thanks for lending me yours!)
–  some
string to hang the lightbulbs
How to ::
Hollow out your lightbulb using the screwdriver and snips (I
used this
excellent tutorial from teamdroid). Tip: I did it over my sink to minimize the
When you’re done, fill the lightbulb with water and squeeze
just a little paint inside it. Shake it to see the final colour and add more if
If you are satisfied with the result, take your glue gun and
seal the end of the lightbulb with silicone.
Let it cool for a little bit and tie it with a piece of
string. Done!
I had no tree to hang my lightbulb on, so I used my lamp
instead. 😛
I’m seriously considering asking my friends to give me all
their burned out lightbulbs until December; a christmas tree decorated with
lightbulbs in various shapes and colors will be awesome!


Guest Post no2 :: Knit your home

Well, today I asked Mariana to contribute to my Guest Posting Week. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t even try to imagine this week without her appearance! She’s very close to me from the very begging of this blog. We spend a lot of time together, and used to spent much more, cause she is my project partner. I assure you we make a hell of a team , not always being very professional, enthralled by the endless talks we have about our pets, or clothes, or our sweethearts, or just gossiping..! We do make a good architecture team too though! So…Mariana it is difficult to say just a few things about you! In short, thank you very much for that post and I hope there will be more to come! 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

The last week, weather here, in Chania, has started becoming a bit more cold and cloudy, so November is really here and winter is coming too! Anna, Antigone, Kynthia and I were influenced by a project in our school and we have discussed a several times about learning how to knit. I think it’s a great idea because not only you can make clothes and accessories by yourself but also a lot of beautiful things for your home, making it wintry and cozy! It’s really refreshing changing some stuff in home’s decoration through the different seasons!
Here are some ideas for what you can knit, buy or even make from old knitting you don’t use (sweaters, scarves etc), in order to add some warm details in your home.


Guest Post no1 :: Crystallized Ginger

First things come first, so I’m kinda obliged to share Jannekes guest post first, since she’s the first who responded to my email asking help keeping my blog updated this week. Janneke (aka Johanna) is my best best best friend.. we grew up together playing in her garden, so you can imagine how close we are. She’s literally the biggest part of my chilhood and I adore her for being there eversince. She’s kinda my alter-ego, or my big sister or something. In short, I love her very much! Enjoy her recipe! 

I, like some, like it hot, and therefore one of my favorite things in the world is ginger! With this recipe you will end up with sugar-coated ginger slithers, perfect for nibbling with coffee, or for further using in (or on top of) cakes, biscuits or chocolate bars.. I, for example LOVE diping these half way through dark chocolate.. You will also end up with a ginger flavoured syrup, which again, can be used in basically anything (for example in frosting for cupcakes, or even for making hot ginger tea, or coctails!). Basically, its up to your imagination..

Fresh ginger
Dark brown sugar (in the same amount as ginger)
Water (approximetly thrice the amount of ginger)
Lemon (a few drops)

First of all, peel the ginger and slice thinly making matchstick-like pieces (ginger can be overwelming in big doses, so be carefull). Then put in a pan and cover with water and brown sugar(the brownest, stickiest sugar you can get the better the flavour and colour!). Bring slowly to the boil and wait until the syrup has set. That will be when the water level has gone notably down, but also when the bubbles seem to be more angular than round (I know I sound crazy..but that genuinly happens!). To check, take a glass of cold water and spill a drop of syrup in it, and if the drop does not dissolve, but rather stays intact, its ready! Last but not least squeeze some lemon juice in, so that the syrup does not crystallize in time, but stays liquid and clear.
After all this, put a sieve ontop of a bowl, and poor the ginger bits and syrup, and leave overnight to drain. In the morning, arrange the ginger slices on some greaseproof paper and sprinkle generously with regular white sugar. Leave this for another day or so, and the crystallized ginger is ready for consumption! As for the syrup, store in a glass jar for further use. 

Love, Janneke