On my mind * [black n’ white edition]

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Happy Sunday *

Two Sundays ago I was travelling to Kefallonia! The journey was pretty huge and exhausting so I spent my time observing people around me. On my way, I met a really nice French family. A mom, a dad and two beautiful girls, round 10 and 8 years old each. I was amazed by the way the girls where playing around on the boat deck. They were hanging from whatever is possible to hang, leaning against the railing etc. 
And I couldn’t help but wonder, is it my idea or the Greek children have always a supervisor/adult/parent to look after whatever they do and yelling “watch out! be careful! I told you not to do this! ” ? 
I remember when I was a child I was always barefoot playing in the backyard and no one was so obsessed to supervise me. All my friends parents, and specially moms, where always so overprotected. Anyway, I m not a parent so I can’t have a fully formed opinion about that. But I strongly believe that parents should trust their children. Otherwise, the children will always feel secure to do whatever they think, only because their mom will be behind them to catch them the exact moment before jumping of the cliff. 
Just saying, cause I was so positively impressed by the french parents I met. Maybe I m wrong though. How did you grow up? 



Summer Part 2 *

As the song says, all good things come to an end! Unfortunately, yesterday my summer came to an end. Ok, let’s not be dramatic. I had a great time, and I’m planning on keep having one for the rest of the week. Not like before, but anyway, I’ll try to be as much as cool as I can, considering I’m a control freak. But when I think about how many things I have to do, I honestly get a headache. So I have to be more easy going! 
(I was thinking of using the word loose instead of easy going. But I realised that “all good things come to an end” and “loose” are both from Nelly Furtado. And it’s not like I’m a fan or anything.)

Anyway, it’ s just I have to accept the fact that I have work to do. Which is not necessarily boring.  On the contrary, I have really creative plans on my mind! It’s kind of the end of an era, a really nice one. It’s always hard to get rid of the summery mood and get down to business. But I have faith in me! And I like to believe I’m worth having faith in!! 

It’s too soon to wish you a nice winter. I don’t even want to think about that. I’ll wish something more, hmmm I don’t know, general. 

Let’s all have as much as creativity and inspiration as we need to get over summer!! This wish works for me at least! 

I’ll soon post about my fabulous summer! Till then have fun darlings!!



The one about heights *

I don’t know about you, but I certainly have a really strong fear of heights. I’ve heard it’s called Acrophobia, but I try to believe it’s not that serious and that I can handle it. I’m not so sure I can though.
Anyways, few days ago we had a day trip to Aradaina, a really small village in southern Crete (near Sfakia). The main reason of going, was because two friends of mine wanted to bungee jump!! We heard that the second highest gorge , available for bungee jumping, is located in Crete, so why skip that? (138m and a guy there told us that now it’s even higher cause of the winter stream). Yeah, it’s true, I witnessed my friends falling of a cliff. It was almost a traumatic experience…and I didn’t even jump!!


Summer *

Hey guys! I hope your summer is trucking along nicely. I just got back from a couple-of-day-camping and I’m pretty exhausted. We went, with my best friend Johanna, to southern Crete, at a magical place. I loved it there. It’s called Kedrodasos, which means Cedar forest. There’s a really long forest in front of the sea, where there is enough shadow to camp. We found a really good spot actually and it was just like being completely alone. Well, I’ll upload some photos I took there, but I really look forward to having more time to post about my vacation and some extraordinary places I visited! 
Till then, have fun and smile!